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Turnkey Projects Development

DILIXO Technology design solutions is a turnkey product development company that provides comprehensive hardware, firmware, software, and mechanical design solutions for a wide range of industries. This means that DILIXO can handle all aspects of product development, from concept to production, for its clients.

Concept Development

  • We will work with our clients to understand their product vision and requirements.

  • We will conduct market research and feasibility studies to assess the viability of the product concept.

  • We will develop a product roadmap and timeline.


  • Our team of experienced engineers will design the hardware, firmware, software, and mechanical components of the product.

  • We will use the latest design tools and technologies to create a product that is both innovative and manufacturable.

  • We will work closely with our clients throughout the design process to ensure that the product meets their specific needs and requirements.


  • We will create prototypes of the product to test its functionality and performance.

  • We will work with our clients to iterate on the prototype until it is perfect.

  • We will also use the prototype to validate the product with potential customers.


  • We will conduct thorough testing of the product to ensure that it meets all applicable standards and regulations.

  • We will also conduct field testing to ensure that the product performs well in real-world conditions.


  • We have a network of trusted manufacturing partners who can produce the product at scale and with high quality.

  • We will work with our clients to choose the right manufacturing partner for their product.

  • We will also oversee the manufacturing process to ensure that the product is produced according to specifications.

Quality Assurance

  • We have a rigorous quality assurance process in place to ensure that all products meet our high standards.

  • We will conduct inspections and tests at all stages of the manufacturing process.

  • We will also provide our clients with a warranty on all products.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality turnkey product development services. By working closely with our clients and using our expertise in hardware, firmware, software, and mechanical design, we can help them to bring their products to market quickly and efficiently.

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