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FPGA Design Services
Complex Hardware (Firmware) Technologies


We offer FPGA design services for:
  • Hardware development companies that have FPGA design

      capability at home and desire to augment their resources to

      shorten the time to market a large project

  • Hardware development companies that do not desire to develop

      FPGA capabilities at home, but have an FPGA device in their


  • Start-up companies that use FPGA to build a prototype of their

      future product

  • Companies that need to increase their design capacity with no

      fixed cost increase.


Micro-Architecture Specification.

We break down the system into functional units and describe the functionality of each unit in the Micro-Architecture Specification (MAS) document. When the MAS is ready, we review it with the customer to make sure the design fits the requirements. When the project ends, the MAS document remains as external documentation for the FPGA code.


Implementation and Verification.

When the MAS is ready, we start the implementation of functional units. Each unit is verified individually before  integration with other units. When all units are ready, we integrate them and verify the entire design again.


Integration with Customer Environment.

When the design is fully verified by standalone verification, we start integration with other devices in the system. We support the customer during the entire process of integration.


Design Stages:
  • Requirements Specification

  • Micro-Architecture Specification

  • BOM Selection

  • Verification and Evaluation Planning

  • Implementation and Verification

  • System Integration and Testing

  • Documentation Completion

  • System Support



We have expertise in the following technologies:


Communication Interfaces
  • PCI Express

  • SPI

  • UART, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485


  • USB

  • JTAG

  • I2C

  • DDR Memory interface



  • Error Detection Codes

  • MPEG/JPEG Compression

  • Video conversions/scaling

  • Samples stream decimation

  • Complicated control logic

  • DMA engines

Network Protocols


  • Ethernet IEEE 802.3

  • Network flow control

  • Internet Protocol

FPGA Devices
  • Xilinx

  • Altera

  • Actel

We deliver on time.

We understand that the success of our customers depends on timely delivery. Therefore, we allocate a significant  portion of our attention and efforts to tightly following the project schedule.


We write high-quality reusable and understandable code.

The majority of designs require follow on changes after the initial project is finished. We want those changes to be cheap for our customers, therefore, we insist that our code is reusable and understandable.


We write easily readable documentation.

At times, our customers need to introduce changes to our code by themselves. To make this easy we provide thorough  documentation.


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